Programme for the Artistic Research Forum 18th -20th October

The programme for the Artistic Research Forum 18th – 20th October in Fredrikstad is now published.

The programme is available here: Programme.

Artistic Research Autumn Forum is a yearly conference to promote the understanding of artistic research in a national and international perspective.

The autumn forum 2017 is hosted by the Theatre Academy, Østfold University College, in collaboration with the Norwegian Artistic Reseach Programme.

The Fellowship Programme in Artistic Research is replaced by a Ph.d programme

The Ministry of Education suggests in a hearing to create a new Ph.d degree based on Performing and Creative Arts, called Philosophiae doctor (Ph.d.) in Artistic Research. The current Fellowship Programme in Artistic Research  will be terminated and replaced by a Ph.d  in Artistic Research. In connection with the establishment of the Ph.d, the Ministry of Education will allocate parts of the funds for the Research fellows which are currently administered by PKU, directly to the institutions in the state budget for 2018.  Questions regarding admissions to the Ph.d. in  2018 must be directed to the institutions.

The Ministry says in the hearing that Research Fellows who are currently part of the Fellowship programme in PKU, will have a deadline for completion of thair education in 2021. The Reseach fellows can opptionally apply to the institutions for admission to the new Ph.d programme.

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme will have a new organizational structure from January 2018

Minister of Education, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen,  presented the Gouvernments plans for a new organization of the educational sector on 15. juni 2017 . The Gouvernment will collocate grant schemes and programmes aimed at  increasing the quality in higher education and vocational schools.

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme will merge with Center for internationalization of education (SIU) and Norwegian Agency for Digital learning in Higher education (NUV) from January 1st 2018. The new body will also gain responsebility for the grant scheme Center for exellence in education (SFU) wich today is organized under  NOKUT. After the merge, the new organization will have a board as its highest organ. The main office will be located in Bergen.

The Ministry has initiated a project for reorganizing  the sector.