Project Programme allocations 2017

In the meeting on 14 February, the Programme Board decided to allocate funding to the following projects:

Goodbye Intuition – Music Through Public Reflection and the Creative Machine
Norwegian Academy of Music2.032.000 Associate Professor Ivar Grydeland
(Un-) settling Sites and Styles: Performers in Search of New Expressive Means
University of Bergen, Faculty of Visual Art, Music and Design3.741.000 Professor Einar Røttingen

Research Pavilion in Venice

Dragan Miletic and Tao Sambolec, both Research Fellows in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, will participate in a contemporary art exhibition at the Research Pavilion in Venice.
Uniarts Helsinki has invited the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and Konstex in Sweden as its main partners for the Research Pavilion. The two networks represent a large number of Norwegian and Swedish art institutions of higher education. This network of Nordic collaborators will open a Research Pavilion in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale in May.

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