The Research Catalogue

Norwegian Artistic Research Programme is a portal partner of Research Catalogue (RC). RC is a searchable database for artistic research. The content is not peer reviewed. It is a site for artistic research and to add a work is to make a claim that the work can be seen as research; through expositions, comments and articles the initial claim is transformed into an argument. The reflective space provided by the RC can function as an essential part of the research process by providing a suitable structure in which to develop the relationship between documentation and exposition, while retaining congruence with art itself.

RC is the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme’s institutional archive, and research fellows and projects financed by the Programme is obliged to use the portal. The NARP portal is to provide both an informal as well as a public platform for expositions of artistic research accomplished with support from the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme.

For user registration under this portal, further information regarding the portal and editorial policies, please contact the Programme administration at

RC is a part of JAR – Journal of Artistic Research.