The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme was established in 2003, with a national Programme Board in charge. The board consists of seven members appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research. From 2010 the Parliament agreed to the Ministry’s proposal to set up a new programme to provide project funding for Artistic Research. The Ministry assigned the task of managing this new programme to the Programme Board.

As a result of the additional responsibilities, the Ministry decided in the 2010 budget that the programme should change it’s name to The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. The Programme Board concluded that the two divisions should be called The Fellowship Programme and The Project Programme.

The Programme Board has consequently an overall national responsibility to stimulate and focus artistic research in Norway. The Programme Board understands the academic framework in the field of art as containing the whole span of artistic expressions and disciplines, and assumes that the exchange of experiences and insights across all the individual disciplines will promote the understanding and development of the goals and framework for artistic research.