Norwegian Artistic Research Programme

The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (NARP) funds artistic research projects for the creative and performing arts at Norwegian universities and university colleges.
NARP is an arena for developing an inter¬disciplinary and national academic environment for the creative and performing arts research and it provides a unique opportunity for researcher training. NARP defines the professional framework of the subject area art to include a wide range of artistic expressions and assumes that exchange of experience and insight across disciplines will encourage understanding and development of the goals and framework for artistic research.
NARP highlights joint issues and themes that the academic environments must focus more on at a local level and that are key elements of all artistic research. NARP funds projects of a high international standard that develop and promote international debate on artistic research. NARP encourages inter¬national presentation and peer reviewed publications of artistic research.
In this context, artistic research should include the following dimensions:

• Artistic practice must be at the core of the activities
• A gender perspective and ethical issues related to the artistic practice
• New artistic perspectives and contributions to the development of the art field
• Contributions to critical reflection on content and context
• Articulation and reflection on methods and work processes
• Promotion of critical dialogue within one’s own discipline and with other relevant disciplines
• Accessibility to the public in relevant academic forms
NARP has yearly calls with application deadline mid-October.

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