SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis

Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Department of Fine Art

Project manager: professor Frans Jacobi, timebased media/performance

SYNSMASKINEN is a new artist-group and an inquiry into 7 fields of contemporary political crisis. The project will consist of 7 art projects, each exploring a certain aspect of contemporary crisis. Together these 7 visions will attempt to unfold a contemporary cosmology; a new political horizon.The project is in collaboration with partner art-institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and Germany.

SYNSMASKINEN is an artist-group in the sense that each production is produced in collaboration between a small group of participants. Each of the 7 projects will be made by new groups of artists and thinkers. In this sense SYNSMASKINEN will probe the concept of the research-group: What kind of insights does artistic thinking provide? How can collectivity adress the political issues of the 7 topics in a critical manner?

The name is taken from the danish and the norwegian translations of Paul Virilio’s seminal book on the techniques of perception, La Machine De Vision . The name SYNSMASKINEN contains the methodological program: SYN=vision / MASKIN=machine

SYNSMASKINEN is the third large-scale research-project at KHiB. Following Re-Place and Topographies of the Obsolete the project offers a continuation of and an addition to the new tradition of KU/artistic research at the core the Department of Art.