Topographies of the Obsolete: Phase 2

Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Department of Fine Art

project manager: professor anne helen mydland

One year of mapping out and identifying new post‐industrial sites, new research questions, and to expand contextualization which will be raised and developed further through a series of think tanks, conferences and research groups.

Phase 1 of the project focused upon the artistic responses to the post‐industrial landscape of Stoke on Trent, the historic centre of ceramic manufacture in the UK. For phase 2 of the project we aim to juxtapose and mirror the experiences, methodologies and outcomes that evolved through phase 1 to other post-industrial regions in the UK, Norway, Denmark and Germany. Existing partner institutions will apply methodologies of working site specifically uncovered through the project, back to their national/local context, thus grounding the project in their own research environment and landscape. Interest from new partner institutions will also introduce and broaden the scope of this research to other regions such as Limoges in France and Dresden in Germany, who equally bear industrial histories adjacent to those in Stoke‐on‐Trent.

Phase 2 will develop the research strands which explore the landscape of post‐industry through raw material, the contemporary ruin and ruination, and the role of art and artists in a non-art space. These strands will constitute the basis of the research context in the different institutions, workshops, seminars and conferences. A discursive platform will evolve through two think tanks and

Brownsword/Mydland’s participation in constituting the research groups in the partner institutions.

project manager: anne helen mydland