Goodbye Intuition – Music Through Public Reflection and the Creative Machine

Norwegian Academy of Music. Project manager: Ivar Grydeland

“The music plays itself”. For many practitioners in the field of improvised music, this is a usual way to express flow, that the music “comes alive”. But what if parts of the music actually play by itself? What if the music-makers actually play by themselves? What if they are algorithms and computers? The project intends to let “creative machines” improvise with us. This establishes “impossible” and, to us, artistically compelling musical dialogue that may challenge our artistic inclinations and how we improvise. By this the project also investigates and attempts to redefine the role of the improviser. Ultimately, can we as improvisers be replaced?

Creating a piece of music, and the reflections behind this, is a process that, in general, is not open to public. Via a series of Public Reflection Forums (PRF) the project reveals this process and its reflections, and makes these less private. The PRFs are public reflexive spaces that reveal a comparison of the artists’ different approaches to performing with creative machines. The goal of these PRFs is to reveal the project group’s processes and articulate tacit knowledge.

The artistic output will emerge from an interagency comprising the creative machine, the improviser and the Public Reflection Forum (PRF). GI will investigate what kind of musical dialogue, reflections and terminology that arrive from working within this interagency. Furthermore how this interagency changes our roles as improvisers. The project’s artists will individually develop solo improvisation ‘concepts’ that include both the human and the creative machine. These ‘concepts’, and the artists’ processes in gaining experience in communicating and performing with and within them, will be manifested in several improvisation performances during the project.

A web site within the Research Catalogue will expose the music, present reflections and the Public Critical Reflection Forums. The web site will include video, text, sound and images.