PLANETARY SENSING (NAVIGATIONS BELOW THE SURFACE) is a Prototype building: a model for more universal rights of nature. It is a network project with sites of marine biology and installation renderings, involving fieldwork and data collection and their distribution in artistic forms. This complexity is a case study for our future facing climate change violence, massive migration of humans and other species and the loss of biodiversity.

Art gets defined as a witness of our time and the consequential challenges in ethics and responsibilities come in perspective. While taking the magical wonder of bioluminescence as a case study for multispecies cohabitation in the face of future transformations, the research uses the framework of making a legal case to protect an ecosystem. As a social practice in art it shows the connection between environmental and social justice and will unfold this complexity as an artistic research project. Thus, it will embody a more situated study for our future facing climate change violence, massive migration and the loss of biodiversity.

The project forms gatherings, installation, narration and experimental work in the biolaboratory, programming, queer feminist, and environmental studies.

It spans over three years with a sustainable future outreach and connects sculpture CGI critical studies installation programming field work in marine and microbiology, ecology and community work.

Art and science collaborations with multi species perspectives demonstrate how cultural practices reinscribe the manner in which culture intersects and transforms difference all the while destabilizing its own position of privilege in the process. It is a form of composition with actual involvement in life to make knowledge grow and expand in its agency. The project will work through counterfactuals and possible future scenarios in scientific and social scientific disciplines, with intuition, criticality and possibilities in new narrative worldmaking in art.

It is art that can make visible what has been and is invisible, and can be a tool for paying attention and connecting stories with ethical and environmental conscious practice which otherwise economic and political barriers reproduce.