SAAR Summer school 2018

We are happy to invite first and second year Research Fellows in the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme to attend the Summer Academy for Artistic Research 2018.
This year the Summer Academy will be organised by the Faculty of Fine and Performing arts at Lund University, at the Inter Arts Center in Malmø, Sweden, between August 12th and 19th 2018.
Read the programme here.
The Summer school has a web page, which you can read here

The Summer Academy provides a supportive setting where artist-researchers (PhD candidates, Doctoral candidates or research fellows in artistic research) from various art fields collaborate, present their on-going artistic work and research and receive feedback from experienced tutors and peers from leading academic institutions. The Summer Academy aims to reflect the international diversity and scope of artistic research and to provide a stimulating and creative environment. It seeks to clarify, discuss and develop further emerging themes and issues arising out of the individual fellowship projects of the participants within the framework of artistic research.

The number of allocated participants per country is six (Finland: 6, Sweden: 6, Norway: 6), altogether 18 participants. Each country also has three supervisor positions allocated to them, making it altogether 9 supervisors participating in SAAR.

No fee for the candidate
The Norwegian Artistic Research Programme will cover the travel and accommodation costs for our participants. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included.
How to sign up
If you want to participate, please respond to Lise Kristiansen by April 6th. You will receive a final notice regarding the participation by April 11th.
If more than 6 research fellows want to participate we will making a decision by lot.