Aerial View in Motion

Dragan Miletic, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Design

During my research fellowship at KiT I seek to expand and deepen my practice through a media archaeology-inspired and artificial intelligence-oriented artistic research project. Thematically, the research centers on how the experience and current innovations of aerial rides relate to new imaging technologies, such as drones and satellites, which shape our contemporary culture. The goal of my research is to artistically approach questions concerning the multifaceted agency governing the current paradigmatic change in spatial perception.

For humans, obtaining an aerial view in motion means relying on technical cooperation which is either completely prosthetic (drone, satellite) or semi-prosthetic (Ferris wheel, cable car, high altitude balloon, etc.) My research is directly aimed at exploring the intersection between these two modes of observation in which a spectator is simultaneously immersed in multiple temporalities, a phenomenon that I call cinéma trouvé. In the experience of cinéma trouvé, we encounter one of the key complexities of camera movement—its relation to our body. My research will reflect on this experience via two interwoven approaches:

  1. Recording of moving image material from various types of aerial rides (Ferris wheel, cable car, scenic elevator, etc.) as well as by sourcing both live feeds and recorded footage from diverse aerial observation devices (drone, balloon, satellite, etc.)
  2. Development of robotic media interfaces and related technical components for volumetric spatial experience of the moving images material (A)

Motivated by the exponential proliferations in the field of aerial viewing technologies, I am eager to create a body of work resonating with a new media materialist practice while confronting the ethical and socio-political implications of the aerial visual paradigm in our culture and society. By interconnecting moving image projections and robotic technology in an elaborate media environment, I intend to engage and further investigate the metamorphosis of the human mind conditioned by the networked aerial technological apparatus we are increasingly entangled in.