Borders of Representation

Etienne Guilloteau, østfold university college, Norwegian Theatre Academy

Focusing on representation in performance, I propose to make a research study using the piece of Luigi Nono, “Io, Frammento da Prometeo” as frame. This piece of Nono touches matters that are at the heart of my choreographic concerns such as: space, literature, philosophy/poetry, deconstruction and mythology/archetypes. This composition acts a turn in his artistic work and in the field of music theatre. The stage was no more in the centre of the representation but floating around the audience.

This very particular thought of representation has for me much in common with the first page of Proust famous novel “In search of the lost Time”, where borders are vanishing and distinctive signs and images are reorganized to compose a new representation. I divide the research into three parts:

  • Embodied borders that will be a research on the body and the various degrees of presence of performativity in a utopian body.
  • Borders in space, where I’ll reflect and experiment on what are the borders of representation in space, architecture and in the practical objects that are part of it.
  • Borders in the forms, exploring what could be a lecture as a work of art-or the other way around: A poetic lecture.

During the three years fellowship I will communicate with the staff and the students through diverse ways: Through lectures on my research as well as through work in the studio with the students of both departments. I want to include the students and the staff as much as possible in key phases and I believe the research will benefit from the expertize present in the academy. My choreographic experience and knowledge could be of great interest to the staff and students and be a valuable addition to the team. A fruitful exchange of knowledge seems possible and I feel the research will find its natural place within the academy.