Creating the Creatives

Frederick P. N. Howard, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

I’m always thinking about the act of creating. My future starts every day when I wake up. Every day, I find something creative to do with my life. I philosophize on what artistic creation is and how we create, alone and in teams. How to hack thing better. And film is my tool. My cradle. My love.

The audio-visual arts have for a century been a balanced collaboration between writer, director and producer in various strength relationships. Today, the lines separating these titles are becoming increasingly blurred as new titles and work flows emerge. The creative producer, the creators and showrunners are all recruited from the ranks of directors, writers and producers alike. The new credits, being honorary on one side, have fundamental effect on the creative mechanisms in any given film or TV-production.

In this pioneer age of digital media, little thought has been given to the changes taking place in the intellectual aspect of creating film and TV-content. We are lost in discussions concerning technological advances and a changing market. Still, the creator’s position is growing stronger every day. Through a critical review of my own process as the creator of an International top-tier TV-show called The Viking Skool, I want to examine and understand the process of artistic creation. Seen from inside a complex artistic structure with creators, showrunners, head writers and a range of other creative people working closely with me, I want to look at what we can do to enhance the creative process and become even better at – creating the creatives.

I want to understand how I, as a creator and creative producer at the epicentre of the process, can make sure that my ideas function as springboards for the other artists – bringing their ideas into mine in a medley, strengthening my original ideas in unimaginable ways.

A few writers and directors have written their PhDs for the Norwegian Film School by now. No producers have been given the chance. Seen as business man more than artist, it is time for us to remember that the European producer is educated at the art institutions – and plays a crucial role in the artistic model film art is based on.

By combining my role as a creator and a producer, I want to research the creative impact a creative producer and creator has on a work of art, and try to understand the actual work that is hiding behind the credits. This is important to maintain the fragile balance between the studies in the film art at the Norwegian Film school and will benefit, in my opinion, the school, the industry and myself.