Potential of The Gap

Lisa Torell, Research Fellow at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Fine Arts

The inherent Potential of The Gap is to create gaps to push the performances around places and environments. The project will investigate the relationship between space, language and identity in light of how perception and understanding is created. The findings will be presented as relational, contextual or site specific pieces in and about public and semi-public places.

In site-specific, contextual or relational art, it’s the relationships between and relationships to which are crucial for the artistic grip, which becomes clear in the hubbub of concepts within which they are categorized. Through focussing on three central tenets; place, language and identity, I hope not only to strengthen my own methodology, but also to contribute to increased knowledge sharing within the field as well as to create access to cross-disciplinary exchange.

The project springs from thoughts first voiced by Lefebvre and developed by Harvey, Kohn et al – rooms and room construction, their interaction, as well as the individual’s relationship to the order of the room and its reflection in language. I work on the assumption that place, language and identity is a social construction.