Reflective Roaming – Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality

Albert Cheng-Syun Tang, University of bergen, faculty of fine art, music and Design

Reflective Roaming – Design, ubiquitous fantasy, everyday reality is an ongoing, practice-based research project questioning the status quo of the technocratic promises that shapes economical and social-political dimensions in our everyday lives. It is aiming to create spaces for critical reflection by visually and materially revealing the invisible relationships between design, information economy and humanity.

We are witnessing an unprecedented time in which nearly everything about the material and the immaterial ranging from refrigerators to our minds are being informatized and interconnected. The vision of ubiquitous “smartness” and connectivity promoted by tech corporate institutions promises us that the future is being synchronized on our fingertips. However, all the seamless engagements with information left us unseen consequences. The visible advantages and the invisible operations brought by information technology are (p)reconfiguring our perceptions of ourselves, others and societies. What is the costs of being fully engaged with informative societies? How is humanity positioned in the intersection of information technology and market? How can design address these issues by a critical perspective?

By operating design beyond the role of problem solver and integrating it with critical practice, this project aims at forming a critical inquiry into contemporary anxieties of living and being in interconnected daily landscapes.