The artist, the market and the public. A set of (self)portraits, contemporary and globalized.

Juliane Zelwies, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Faculty of Fine Arts

Repeatedly I catch myself questioning the current state of visual art, trying to grasp its present value and function in Western European society: Is visual art presently at the threshold of a paradigm shift? When visual artists tend to move to other forms of media such as narrative filmmaking or fiction, is this an indication of a crisis?

For the research fellowship period, I wish to explore my own field and sub-culture, that is the art world with its intricately linked social, moral and economic interrelations. In close
collaboration with participants from the field of art and the social sciences, I shall seek insights about the role of the artist, the art market and the public view of an increasingly globalized art world.

Methods borrowed from interdisciplinary research projects for long-term participation and selfreflection as they are used in auto-ethnographical work shall be used as guidelines for data collection.

During this process, I aim to foster critical dialogues and encounters, both between the players in the field of art and between artists and social scientists. Furthermore, I hope that the project will become a valuable resource for artists and anthropologists to understand the differences and similarities of each other’s disciplines, and in particular highlight the quality and potential of interdisciplinary research projects in visual art and social science.

The collected material shall provide the basis for varied forms of (artistic) expression such as public readings, workshops and two major video projects: one visual (video) archive and a (narrative) multi channel video installation. Like in a jigsaw, the different pieces may then
form a (self)portrait of the explored milieu of the present time.