The Guide’s Trial

From immersion to participatory storytelling: bridging Film, Nordic Larp, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Nadja Lipsyc, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

The Guide’s Trial is a Virtual Reality and Mixted Reality project for three players, that explores the possibilities of combining immersive Film and Animation with LARP tools, for interactivity, embodiment, interpretation and participatory fiction.

The story follows on from Stalker by the Strugatsky’s brothers, and its adaptations: the Tarkovski’s movie and, to a lesser extent, the GSC Game World’s video game.

The narration evolves in three phases, the Setup, the Exploration and the Trial, each of which experiments progressively another narrative statement for VR or MR.

The art-research will emphasize three main hypothesis:
1. LARP can be a model “in real life” of VR and MR narrative potentials and techniques.
2. Sensorial stimuli can palliate to the lack of haptic and olfactory information.
3. VR and MR are a fertile ground for unforeseen collaborative storytelling.