The Teleportation Rhizome

erik friis reitan, university of bergen, faculty of fine art, music and design

One of my key interests is how art deals with issues of spatiality. Thus, the goal of the
research fellowship project will be to create a set of interconnected works that
together investigate the relationship between two forms of imaging: the photograph
and the map.

In order to start this process I will access sites on earth and in outer space. The sites
will be 1) scientific institutions that observe and map the earth and the universe 2)
sites in space that these institutions observe and 3) sites on earth with
seismic/volcanic activity.

I will then bring back visual traces from these sites, either by travelling to them and
making photographs, or by accessing them through technologies of remote
registration. Using this as a raw material I will produce works, which will be shown in a
series of small-scale exhibitions throughout the project period. The project will
conclude with a larger exhibition.

By tracing trajectories between my sites, and between the resulting works/exhibitions,
I can start to draw up a network – a visual grid-like structure which I can use as a
template to give form to the works and exhibitions themselves. As this structure will
be evolving toward greater complexity throughout the project, this complexity will be
reflected in the works and how they are shaped. The structure may also be used to
point out new sites to be included in the project.

The project will be supported by a series of seminars and collaborations with relevant
scientific and academic institutions. It wil also involve workshops where students and
staff at UiB are invited to participate.